Best Chess Tips and Tricks that you must know

Chess is a strategic game and knowing to strategize and formulating a plan is an important feature of the game. True Grandmasters spend a tremendous amount time in perfecting their strategy. Being good at Chess requires time and here are some of the best tips to help you get a little better in the game.

  1. Study and practice the basic Chess strategies. Learn the various tactics and train.
  2. Advance all your pieces so that you have more ways to attack the opponent’s, King. Don’t let them be resting on their rows behind-waiting. But remember each piece is important so don’t hastily make any moves that will lead you to lose them.
  3. Move your other pieces besides the King, Queen and the Rook such as the Knights, Bishops and pawns towards the centre of the board so that they can attack. If you have the control over the centre of the Chess Board taking it up with you pieces, it allows you to move your pieces, and it makes it hard for your opponent to move around
  4. Study your opponent’s moves. Look out for sacrificial pieces. Sacrificing a piece is a forced move made by the opponent, which could be a check or attack.
  5. It is needed to make sure that when you play with an opponent, you work out what his plan is. Only when you understand the move of your opponent, then you can think about your moves.
  6. Don’t keep an eye out only for the king, look at the entire board. Sometimes when focusing of the King and what is nearby, we miss out the Rook that was just in the corner.
  7. Castling, a move that grants you to move your King to safety and your Rook to protect him. This moves the King to move two boxes towards the Rook while the Rook moves next to the King only after all the boxes between the King and the Rook are vacant. When you don’t castle early, your opponent might be able to fire an attack to your King. Castling is the only move in the game that permits more than one of the pieces to move.
  8. All tactics are made up of elemental patterns and motifs so pay attention to these motifs. Some of the common tactical motifs can be Pin, Skewer, Double attack, Discovered attack, Interference, Removing the guard or even an in-between move. So be alert of tactics and even practice the tactics. The more tactics that you solved, the more you are aware of the patterns and the motifs.
  9. Analyse your own games. It is one of the best ways where you can learn to develop your strategy, study your weakness, where you went wrong or even know your strength and progress from then on and even develop your own strategy.
  10. Finally, the best and the most valuable tip for Chess are simply to practice, practice, practice. You can play with your friends, family or even online to enhance your Chess skills.