5 Best chess players of all time

Chess is an intellectual game and also a great test of one’s concentration. There have been several great players in the history of Chess but bringing it down here is a list of the top best players in Chess of all time.

  1. Jose Raul Capablanca – Capablanca is undeniably the master of Blitz chess. He launched his chess career at an early age. He started learning at the age of 4 and the age of 13, he defeated the Cuban champion, at 18-he defeated the US champion. In 1921, he won the World Championship which he had successfully defended it for six years, 1921-1927. In the year 1922, he played simultaneously against three players and won 102 and drawn 1. He is known for his endgame and his positional play. Capablanca was also nicknamed as ‘The Human Chess Machine’.
  2. Garry Kasparov – Kasparov started learning about the game at an early age of 10. He began leading the game of Chess at the age of 22. In 1985, he was acknowledged as the youngest champion. He holds an undisputed World Champion title from 1985-1993, World Champion of ‘rival’ organisation to FIDE from the year 1993-2000. Kasparov had a peak rating of 2851 in July 1999 which many considers it the greatest of all time. He remained at the top of his game till he retired.
  3. Emanuel Lasker – Emanuel Lasker is a German mathematician and a philosopher who began his reign over Chess in 1894. He holds a record of undisputed World Champions for 27 years that is from 1894-1921. He was an excellent tactical and contract bridge player. Lasker founded one of the first chess magazines names ‘The Chess Fortnightly’ which was published from 18892 to 1893. He is still respected as one of the strongest players.
  4. Bobby Fischer – Bobby Fisher is a genius who is said to have an I.Q of 181, he learned the game at the age of 6 and had begun his career in chess at the age of 14, and had set the record when he became the youngest player ever to win the U.S. Chess Championship- He had won 8 US Championships. At the age of 15- became the youngest international Grandmaster by winning the tournament held in Portoroz, Yugoslavia which is now called Slovenia. In the year 1970, he won 20 matches consecutively in ‘1970 Interzonal’. He is the record setting chess master.
  5. Anatoly Karpov- Anatoly Karpov learned to play chess when he was only four years old \, he develops his chess skills and at the age of 15 became the youngest Soviet National Master. He won the World junior chess championship in 1969 and became the Grandmaster at 19; he holds the World Champion for a total of 16 years with ten years as undisputed champion. He also won the World Rapid Chess Championship in the year 1988. Karpov set up some chess schools and outreach programs to teach chess to inmates.