How to learn Chess in one week?

Chess is a game of intellectual and a whole lot of concentration. Becoming a chess champ in a week is quite impossible as chess requires you to learn and give a great deal of practice but here is a list of steps on how to step on your first milestone in learning chess.

  1. Arrangements- as the Chess Board is set up, there are two sets. One set of pieces is the darker colour, and the other is lighter. Choose your settings and set them up on the board. This requires a certain way of positioning the pieces. The white set always moves first so who gets the white is black set is decided by the players Both sides should be arranged in the same way. The second row is filled with the pawns, and in the first row, the Rooks go in the both the corners, then next to it the Knights-both sides again, then followed by Bishops and the King and the Queen. The queen goes to her colour, if your queen is black in color-it goes to the black box and then the King on the remaining box
  2. Understand the moves – to start playing the game; you need to learn moves of each pawn. Every chess piece has a certain way of moving. Take for example- a pawn. It moves straight and can only attack from one angle, whereas a Knight can move in an L-shape , the Bishop moves at an angle but more than one box at a time, the Rook can only move in a straight line but can go in any direction, the King moves at grand pace with only one box at a time in any direction, the Queen is the strongest piece-it takes one move at a time but can go in any direction and any number of boxes.
  3. Rules-
    1. The pieces in the board cannot jump over other pieces, although the Knight can jump over other pieces, all pieces cannot move to the box where one of their own is standing but can kill the opponent off the board and stand in their place.
    2. The King is the most important piece of the game but is one of the weakest as it can move only one box at a time so it the rest of the pieces should protect their king or kill off the opponent’s King off the board. It is called ‘Check’ When the King is attacked.
    3. The Pawn may seem weak, but if it reaches the other side of the board, the Pawn can turn into any chess piece. Only Pawns can be promoted
  4. There are more special rules, but for now, this is the basics. If you want to improve, then there is no denying the fact that you need to play and practice often. Remember to protect your King and take care of your pieces as each piece is valuable.

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