Hospital superbugs are evolving to survive hand sanitizers

Enlarge / A woman wearing a surgical mask washing her hands with a hand sanitizer.

Popular hand sanitizers may be heading the way of antibiotics, according to a study published this week in Science Translational Medicine.

Bacteria gathered from two hospitals in Australia between 1997 and 2015 appeared to gradually get better at surviving the alcohol used in hand sanitizers, researchers found. The bacteria’s boost in booze tolerance seemed in step with the…

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Burnout Paradise Remastered Review – Giant Bomb

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There has been a Burnout-shaped hole in video gaming for the last 10 years. Other games have attempted to fill bits and pieces of that hole with varying degrees of success. You can see a smidge of Burnout in Split/Second‘s huge destruction-focused racing. Forza Horizon‘s open-world collectibles are a strong reminder, too. You can also, of course, see little pieces of it in a few of the Need for Speed games that have been released in Burnout’s wake, especially the ones…

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The Community Spotlight – 07/28/2018

Many thanks to Marino for this amazing work of Photoshop!
Many thanks to Marino for this amazing work of Photoshop!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this wonderful week. With the weather reaching all-time highs for many of you I hope you have been staying safe and cool this summer. Either way, the Giant Bomb community has been up to plenty of cool stuff worth marveling over. We have some big pieces of house-keeping to address…

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition Announced

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have announced a definitive edition for Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Along with including all DLC for the game, the game will have updates that boast improving the overall experience. These include an updated post-game Epilogue that adds “new narration from Shelob, the Witch-king and Dark Talion, plus new Masks of the Nazgûl player rewards.

Other improvements include new difficulty levels, endless siege mode, higher level caps for followers and…

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Plumbing Inside’s dystopian depths •

This article contains spoilers for the ending of Inside.

Whether it’s teens baying for each other’s blood in The Hunger Games, Judge Dredd exploding hoodlums, or the jaunty nuked-out wastes of the Fallout series, dystopian worlds have long entertained us with doom-laden speculation and ultra-violent hijinks.

They’re becoming ever more popular too. Following the inauguration of US president Donald Trump last year, 1984 soared to the top of the bestsellers list….

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The USgamer Podcast: Black Ops 4’s Missing Single Player, Shenmue HD, and More

Caty, Mike, and Nadia get together to talk about reports that Call of Duty dropping single-player for battle royale [38:33], Yakuza 6 finally being out [54:18], and the new Rampage film [1:31:00]. Plus: Monster Hunter World’s new elder dragon, a new Castlevania (for mobile), the Shenmue remaster, and much more!

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Portal 2 co-writer returns to Valve

By Marshall Lemon,
Monday, 30 July 2018 13:41 GMT

Portal 2 writer Jay Pinkerton seems to have quietly return to Valve, although what he’s working on isn’t clear.

Last year, several established video game writers left Valve, which was a major sign the publisher was stepping away from single-player releases. Now Portal 2 co-writer Jay Pinkerton has quietly returned to the company.

If you take a look at Valve’s staff page,…

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Resident Evil 2, Labo Vehicle Kit, and Xbox Scarlett are your top gaming stories this week

Oh dear. After weeks of hype, it appears that Danny ‘I’m fucking Danny Dyer’ Dyer won’t in fact be making the pilgrimage to Love Island to visit his daughter after all. Evidently, he’s too busy dealing with baldie baddie Stuart Highway in EastEnders, having got in yet another punch-up just the other week.

Speaking of Love Island, This Morning for some reason decided to send Hayley Hughes and Nigel Farage on a lunch date to talk about Brexit, in what is quite possibly the most…

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Vampyr Evolves With Story and Hard Modes Coming This Summer

What is an update?! A miserable pile of optimizations?

The gothic RPG from Dontnod Entertainment, Vampyr has been something of a breakout success, at least in terms of more niche RPG experiences. However, if you’ve either got an itch to return to the world or want to try it for the first time, two new gameplay modes are coming with a patch before the summer draws to a…

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The next Labo set is a Vehicle Kit ⊟  Coming… – Tiny Cartridge 3DS

The next Labo set is a Vehicle Kit ⊟ 

Coming September 14, the Switch’s latest Nintendo Labo set lets you create cardboard controls to drive and pilot several virtual vehicles:

“[The Vehicle Kit] contains materials to build a variety of customizable cardboard creations called Toy-Con, including a Car, a Submarine, a Plane, a Pedal, two Keys and more. By inserting one of the assembled Keys into any of the vehicles, players can enjoy a variety…

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